Men’s education on Sexual and Gender-Based Violence


According to UNFPA findings in Zimbabwe, about third of women aged 15 to 49 have experienced physical violence and about a quarter of women have experienced sexual violence since the age of 15.

UHA focuses on girls and women rights, gender equality, harmful practices, forced marriages and menstrual health management including SRHR issues.

Our project in Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) seeks to engage men in order to bring lasting change in gender norms and inequalities. We believe that in order to bring a tangible change men should be advocates for gender quality and they need to be aware of forms violence. In this project we therefore seek to drive awareness campaigns to educate men what Sexual Gender-based Violence is.

In an effort to reduce GBV, we are lobbying for the increased and effective implementation of the Gender Based Violence Act in Zimbabwe. The Act is there to ensure that no-one is abused, but the implementation part is lacking.

We work in collaboration with other organisations sharing the same objective of fighting against SGBV

Through our GBV Prevention Program, we support local Zimbabwean organizations and government officials to prevent GBV against adolescent girls.